The new player on the block

We put all of our international experience into each and every product that we make. When it comes to innovation, we never sit still.

Who we are

PIAK has been in the 4×4 protection equipment game since 1989. Today we produce and export products all over the world, including South Africa, United Kingdom, Panama, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea. We put all of our international experience into each and every product that we make. The result? Outstanding protection for your vehicle so that you’ve got peace-of-mind the next time you take on the great Australian outdoors. To back this up we’re also ISO 9001:2008 certified. That means we consistently deliver and continually improve all that we do and make.
At PIAK we never sit still.

A passion for creating tough protection equipment for tough 4X4's

Our vision

To design and development 4×4 protection equipment that can take-on the worlds toughest environments. To realise this vision we design, test and build all of our products to an exacting standard and believe that the only way to achieve continuous improvement is through continuous development.

Form follows function

When design, testing and building our 4×4 protection equipment there is one simply philosophy at play, ‘our protection equipment needs to protect’. To put it more simply we want to make stuff that works, rather than make stuff that just looks pretty. Everything component we use to make one of our products is there for a reason, there’s no place for frills or the unnecessary in anything we make. The result is the safest, most durable and weight efficient 4×4 protection product equipment we can make for your vehicle.



All of our manufacturing is carried out to ISO 9001:2008 standards. That means we work to an international quality standard system, that ensures we consistently deliver the best possible product to our customers around the world. As you would expect from an industry innovator we use the latest processes and equipment from CNC laser cutting and bending through to automatic sandblasting. It’s just one of the many parts that go into making the best possible 4×4 protection that we can.

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