All Piak TOW POINTS have been designed and tested for straight line pull only. The Tow Points have not been tested for lifting purposes & should not be used for lifting, the forces applied differ between lifting and straight line pull type recoveries. Piak Tow Points are tested during development to establish straight line working load limits only.

If you need to perform a recovery, it is imperative that Both Tow Points are utilized, by means of a Bridal Strap. By using a Bridal Strap, you share the load through the front or rear of your vehicle, giving increased strength and safety margins. The use of a bridle strap will also keep all components tethered in the case of a failure, thereby reducing the risk of serious injury or death.

Always INSPECT the Mounting Points and shackles before each use. Do not use if there are visible signs of damage or wear (including cracking or elongation). Do not exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL) of the shackle or Tow Points. Always STAY A SAFE DISTANCE away from the recovery area – at least 1.5 times the length of the recovery strap. Incorrect use of recovery equipment can result in serious injury or death.

Always ensure everyone involved carries out Sufficient PREPARATION for ANY recovery, to minimize the strain on all vehicles being used, i.e. Digging, strap placement, moving or minimizing obstructions etc. If you do not fully understand how to safely use or apply the safety or recovery equipment or if you are uncomfortable with your abilities in the use of recovery equipment, please complete a course that specializes in four-wheel driving & 4WD vehicle recovery.

We recommend using sufficiently rated and tested soft shackles as this reduces the risk of damaging the paint on your towing points and they are easier and safer to use.